Project Description


Technical Specifications
Universal Elevator Controller

  • Compatible to all elevator brands in the market
  • Auto door & swing door functioning with Hydraulic 2 speed, single speed & VVVF drive.
  • Allows all types of floor indication facility
  • Allows both floor positioning technique (counting type – separate type)
  • Allows operation in full collective selective and down collective mode
  • Can be installed conventionally or based on serial communication
  • 16 x 2 character alpha numeric LCD display that shows floor no. call no. status, Error messages continuously
  • Programmable various timers, parameters using in built key pad (on-side)
  • Password protected system
  • Since a day of installation, controller keeps history of usage of lift floor wise
  • We can shut–down lift by pre–defined time which is password protected
  • 4 level of safety standard.

  • Main power voltage: 380~440VAC
  • Assistance voltage: 220V A
  • Start way: dry contact point
  • Work frequency: 50~60Hz ± 5%
  • Maximum peak voltage: 600V or 1200V~1600V
  • Start time (speed time): 1~40 sec.
  • Start torque: 100%~500%